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Resurfx Fractional Non-Ablative Wrinkle and Scar Resurfacing


Over time, and with exposure to the sun and UV light, our faces and necks accumulate damage in the form of “photoaging”. Skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The dermis contains proteins, including collagen, elastin, and other important fibers, which affect skin’s strength and elasticity. UV radiation injures these important proteins, leading to the accumulation of damage in the form of wrinkles, drooping skin, broken blood vessels, mottled pigment, and sun spots.

Resurfx uses a specific wavelength of light energy to target the dermis of the skin where elasticity has been lost and surface defects may have formed; by delivering light energy specifically to this layer, skin tone can be evened and new collagen and elastin are stimulated to form, tightening the skin.

Resurfx excels at resurfacing wrinkles on the face, acne scars, stretch marks to the breast and abdomen, stretch marks over areas of muscle growth in men, hypertrophic scars, and surgical scars.


Resurfx takes approximately 60 minutes to perform, and is best coupled with IPL to achieve advanced results. The client is brought to the room for numbing of approximately 15 minutes for comfort. Numbing medication is removed and protection is applied to the eyes. While typical treatment areas include the face or neck, any areas of the body affected by scars, stretch marks, or irregularities in the skin’s surface may be treated! Light energy is delivered with a handpiece, and each pulse covers an area of approximately 3” circle. The typical client receives approximately 20 pulses to the face, and slightly more to the neck. Each pulse is generally described as a warm zapping sensation, and the client will see a flash of light despite having their eyes protected—this is normal!


May not have had recent sun exposure, and area to be treated should be without base tan! If treating face and/or neck, the area of treatment should match the color of your “bathing suit/shirt” tan lines. Recommend against Resurfx for those with darker skin types, such as types IV and V (Asiatic/Mediterranean/Persian/Hispanic/African American descent), as light energy can react with melanin in the skin and cause hyperpigmentation! Must not have used Retin-A nor minocycline in over a week; must not have used Accutane for over six months. May not be pregnant nor breastfeeding.