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Vaginal Rejuvenation


s we age, the vagina—and the surrounding tissue known as the vulva—progress through changes that mimic the aging of skin on other parts of our body due to loss of collagen and elastin. Changes in hormone levels following childbirth and during menopause can lead to atrophy, or thinning, of vulvar and vaginal tissue, causing it to lose its plump appearance, and instead leading to skin laxity and wrinkling. The cervix falls lower into the vaginal canal, and stress incontinence (urinating with sneezing, laughing, jumping, or other movements) and vaginal dryness may become more problematic.

There are three major types of lasers used for “vaginal rejuvenation,” or as we like to call it at RevIVe, “Vaguvenation”: radiofrequency (using sound waves; ThermiVa), erbium (diVa), and carbon dioxide (CO2; FemiLift/FemTouch). Of these treatments, the CO2 laser, a surgical laser that must be operated within a physician’s office, delivers the most impressive results per treatment, with NO additional discomfort nor down-time, making it the likely choice for RevIVe! Our Lumenis CO2 laser, the FemTouch, precisely removes the outer layers of damaged skin to reveal underlying new skin which is softer, smoother, tighter, and more youthful in tone and appearance. Even following just a single treatment, our patients report significantly reduced or completely eliminated stress incontinence, a tighter vaginal canal, much improved vaginal lubrication, and a more youthful vaginal appearance!

There are two separate components to vaginal rejuvenation: internal treatment and external treatment. These are offered separately or packaged together, based upon need. Internal treatment targets the symptoms of stress incontinence, vaginal lubrication, and vaginal tightness, while external treatment targets the aesthetic appearance of the outside of the vagina (vulva), decreases the size of the labia minora/majora, and improves lubrication of the vulva.


Internal or external treatments individually take approximately 35 minutes to perform; combination internal and external treatments take approximately 45 minutes to perform. Our clients are SHOCKED and THRILLED at how smooth and easy this procedure really is! The client is brought into the treatment room, and numbing medicine is applied to the vulva (if external treatment is sought; no numbing required for internal procedure). After about 20 minutes, the numbing medication is removed. For internal treatment, our laser probe, which resembles a speculum used at a gynecologist’s office, is inserted into the vaginal canal. The patient will feel a series of warm “zaps” each lasting only a second; this is not a painful sensation, but merely a sensation of warmth! The speculum is slowly withdrawn as treatment progresses. Intravaginal treatment lasts only approximately 5 minutes; we have never had a patient complain of pain during the procedure! External treatment is also explained as feeling a series of warm “zaps.” Most require approximately 20-30 small “zaps” around the vulva, and again, we have never had a patient complain of pain during treatment! Following treatment, a vaginal moisturizer is inserted, and a recovery cream is applied to the vulva.


Clients must not be pregnant, nursing, nor on their menstrual cycle during treatment. We recommend against internal treatment for anyone with an IUD in place. We ask that clients seeking external treatment arrived shaven the day of their appointment. Following treatment, the vaginal area will feel warm, like a minor sunburn; it should be kept moisturized at all time for the first several days. Avoid strenuous activity that would lead to excessive sweating and taking baths (shower instead) for the first 3-5 days, and avoid sexual activity for one week following treatment. Some clients may experience a light discharge for the first several days following treatment.