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img_9146Additional exciting news about our vitamin infusion services!

Dr. Jackson has been very busy updating an already-comprehensive formulary to include an expansive ingredient list targeting specific problems for our clients! We are proud to offer the addition of acetyl-L-carnitine and cysteine, germanium, MSM, NAD, molybdenum, selenium, procaine, glycyrrhizic acid, and arginine among MANY others. Unlike other drip spas, which offer a base of 5 infusions in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to vitamin therapy, at RevIVe Med Spa, each client’s individual needs will be determined and a cocktail of ingredients discussed prior to infusion. We offer a comprehensive infusion for a flat rate of $130, or a four-infusion punch card for $100; up to 3 additional vitamins, amino acids, or herbs can be added at no additional charge.

Many don’t know that a standard infusion can take as little as 10-15 minutes, start to finish. If a client does not need volume replacement for hangover or dehydration, most vitamin infusions are actually simply “pushes” through a very small-gauge butterfly needle. Fluids are always available in addition to vitamin infusion and will add approximately one hour to treatment time. We will let you relax in our massage chair during your treatment!

Specific protocols have been developed to target the following conditions:

Allergy, asthma, and hay fever
Viral infections, active or prevention
Low libido
“Executive stress”
Vocal cord nodules
Hair loss/thinning
Brittle nails
Skin laxity
Skin hyperpigmentation
Planned drug or alcohol withdrawal/rehabilitation
Weight loss
Autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, IBD, lupus, sarcoidosis, etc)
Cancer (cocktail will be developed for specific pathology by Dr. Jackson)
Neurodegenerative disorders, including neuropathy
Alzheimer’s dementia or memory loss
Liver disease
Macular degeneration
Performance enhancement/muscle building
Anxiety disorders
Acute illness and dehydration

In addition to our holistic offerings, we also carry intravenous medications to treat nausea, allergy, and pain!

We know that our clients may have several complaints from the list above–which is why ingredients are mixed and matched to customize a formula that fits YOUR needs! Come see us for your personalized infusion today. Your body will thank you!

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